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Please be adviced that we are announced you the folding gate with the different system and different material usage, compare to the other product, even size or quality of material.

These folding gates fabricated by skiled employes, they are so many years ecperienced at each department, handled by special machineries, and have 5 (five) year guaranty servise, but guaranty service are limited only to the folding gate erected by company.

In Surabaya or East Java, these folding gates named as a PINTU HARMONIKA, but out side of Surabaya these products with leaves named as a FOLDING GATE and without leaves named as a HARMONI.

Available 4 (four) kinds of model for folding gate, and 2 (two) kinds of model for folding gate without leaves and they are as follows :

A. With Leaves

 Type Bar Distance
1. Project PRO ± 19 - 20 cm
2. Economy ECO ± 19 - 20 cm
3. Deluxe DLX ± 19 - 20 cm
4. Superior SPR ± 19 - 20 cm
5. Exclusive EXL ± 10 - 11 cm

B. Without Leaves

 Type Bar Distance
1. Harmony-1 HR-1 ± 12 - 13 cm
2. Harmony-2 HR-2 ± 12 - 13cm
3. Harmony HR-3 ± 12 - 13cm

Each model has a materials specification anda technical specification and price are suitable to materials specification and technical specification that bases on to the consumen needed, and erection outside of Surabaya are negotiable.

These folding gates can be choose by double gates (two sides open), or single gate (one side open, gate key stay at left or right) and additional facilities as follows :

1. 1 (one) Open Extra ( X1 )
2. 2 (two) Open Extra ( X2 )
3. Swing by swing pole UNP 50 ( S50 )
4. Swing by swing pole UNP 120 ( S120 )

or other additional facilities like post hole, air ventilation and each folding gate has a door viewer except for model Harmony, folding gate that no leaves.

About swing, folding gates can be choosed swing to inside or swing to autside, either using swing pole UNP 50 or swing pole UNP 120.

Now we are using pin space scrapped to make more easy to pull or push the folding gate, because the pin space was in line and it is really defferent with using welded pin space, but for Economy welded pin space still in used.

Erection of folding gate by Company we named as a TERPAS also the erectioncan do by consumen and we named as a TIPAS.

Now, please protect your assets by using these product, for store department, houses or apartments, godown or others, because these folding gates are safely.


Surabaya, Maret 2005

Sicerelly yours,


Victor Sahala