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Guaranty Service 5 Year

The Guaranty Service only for misfabricated

The Guaranty Service not valid with the condition of :

  • Erected by customer (TIPAS)
  • Problem with payment
  • Structure of building changed (top concrete pressed down the folding gate) by contruction mistake or by enviroment
  • Damaged painting outside or inside
  • Changung materials due to misusing by customer
  • Misusing by customer as a consequence the vertical plate bar bended or hines bent by hard opened and closing
  • The company label damaged or lost through the repainted by consumer

If the folding gte have a swing facility, be careful to :

  • Door hinges should always clean from dirties
  • Under swing arm should be always clean
  • When the folding gate will swing, make sure the lock gate wal really locked
  • When to close the folding gate, make sure top swing arm and bottom swing arm in the line both to the top rail and bottom rail.
  • Do not release the lock door while the gate stay at swing arm

How to Maintain :

  • Bottom rail should always clean and clear
  • If felt hard to open or close the folding gate, check it might be something on rail
  • Lubricated with oil each small hinges and big hinges
  • Lubricated with oil each leaves hinges