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Term and Condition


  1. The quoted price limited to conditions as follow :

    1. Excluded 10% VAT, and other tax duties (if any)
    2. Area minimum are 9 (nine) m2/unit
    3. The quoted price limited for 14 (fourteen) days only, anytime can be changeng without prior notice

  2. For ventilation of company logo to be additional cost
  3. Size and erection position depend upon to the customer needed
  4. The height of the folding gate included with bottom rail under the floor tile
  5. Changing of the measurement after signing order will be responsible by the customer
  6. The way of payment as follows :
    1. 50% Down Payment at signing the order
    2. 50% the rest, should be paid before folding gate sending and erection
    3. Sending of one part from total order, the payment should pay cash after counting the persentage of down payment, and the rest still with the same condition to the down payment
    4. The order will be cancelled if there is no payment within 45 (fourty five) days, and all apyment done will be not returned back
    5. Work to be started after receiving the payment (transferred letter)

II. TERPAS (Erected, painted and including gate key)

  1. Condition for TERPAS as follows :
    1. Specially for the new building only
    2. Erection for old building are excluded by demolishing the old gate as follows :
      1. To demolish old gate to be additional cost
      2. To demolish woodden gate frame to be additional cost
      3. The damaged of the old gate during the demolishing will be responsible by customer
    3. Civil work & ceramics was not included
    4. Price included with top painting (Nippe 2000/Selv) and limited to one colour only, and olour can be choosing with to the available colour and completed with lock key, but magnetic key is not provided
    5. Mixing paint spraying to get colour needed are not available at all
    6. Changing colour after folding gate painted will be additional cost
    7. Pain spray postponed by the customer in Surabaya, the erection are considered finsh. the paying off should be done ad to continue the painting will be scheduled later by company
    8. Paint spraying out of town will be not postponed, and if it's postpone will be additional cost.

  2. The condition of erection out of Surabaya area as follows :
    1. Cost of erection out of Surabaya area based on to the table of area
    2. Customer's responsibilities :
      1. Lodging of company employees
      2. Transportation of folding gate, tools and emplaoyees
    3. Company's responsibilities :
      1. Meal and overtime
      2. Field allowances
  3. Area of Surabaya as follows :
    • From office up to all areas of Surabaya Town
    • From office up to Sidoarjo Town
    • Fron office up to Gresik Town
  4. Out of the above point 3 are out of Surabaya
  5. Guaranty Service are limited to the company erected onlu and no problem to the payment system

III. TIPAS (Not erected, and folding gate picked up by customer)

  1. Primary paint or cyncromate only for outside and inside of folding gate
  2. Ordering from out side of town but still in Java Island are picked up by customer
  3. Ordering from out of Java Island is delivered up to godown of agent at port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya and all cost from godown of agent up to ddress of customer is responsibilities by customer
  4. NO Guaranty Service