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General :

  1. Frame should be level, if not the folding gate will be difficult to open and close
  2. For achorage welding should be to rebar concrete and using dyna bolt was not recommended
  3. Anchorage should be crossing each other
  4. Anchorage of swing pole should always at hinges position
  5. Bottom anchorage minimum each 60 cm
  6. Upper anchorage minimum at 3 places, depend on to the wide of folding gate
  7. Connection at upper frame and bottom frame to swing arm should be closed enough, to make bearing easy to run
  8. Lower hasp should be free from tile floor to make folding gate easy to run

Erection Procedure:

  1. Erect first the left and the right pole correctly
  2. Place evently the bottom rail with the swing arm
  3. Place the top frame
  4. Open the swing arm and insert the door through the swing arm
  5. Placed temporarily the door at the middle (D), and open widely maximum 2x wide of door wrapt (E)
  6. Weld the bolt holder to swing pole as per holder available
  7. Hasp and spring placed after completely settig
  8. If single gate and swing, installing pole key as per Drawing “C”

How to Set :

The position of leaves are out of vertical palte bar, when folding gate inside the swing arm, the upper swing arm will be coming out from the swing arm because more heavier at outside, make them even, the setting should be done as follows :

  1. Placed the folding gate in position (D)
  2. Tag weld swing pole at door hinges no 3 from below
  3. Pull out bottom swing arm (B) arround 15-20 cm
  4. Set the adjusting bolt (C) to make bottom swing arm even rail
  5. Release the tag weld at swing pole
  6. Insert again folding gate to swing arm
  7. While folding gate inside the swing arm, check top rail and bottom rail, they are should be in line or not yet
  8. If still not in line yet, repeat step (1-7)
  9. If they are already same line, setting is completely and all other welding job can be continued
  10. Placed the hasp and other job
  11. If the swing arm more than 50 cm, it is necessary to make additional dafety to keep the setting will not changed
  12. If point 10 happened, add vertically UMP 50 and weld to upper and bottom swing arm together but not against the folding gate in and out of swing arm

Remaks :

  1. If folding gate rather heavier to open or close, do not forced it, it will be caused the vertical plate bar and hinger bended
  2. If folding gate rather heavier to open or close, check around it might be something to prop up at bottom rail.
  3. If setting was not good, vertical plate bar will be out from bottom and upper rail
  4. If it is happened, setting should be repeated

Swing arm using the swing holder

  1. “R” already welded at swing arm
  2. If the gate swing already settled, weld “Q” on to “P” area, and set pin “Q” free in to hole “R”
  3. If folding gate are double gate did it at same to the left and right side gate
  4. “Q” are inside box with other assessories